01 Jordrok
02 Vangringar I Vilsenhet
03 Ifran Klarhet Till Klarhet
04 Kung Bore


A pesar de ser una banda de los 90, esta agrupación busco fusionar el sonido típico de la edad de oro del rock progresivo con los sonidos mas modernos, y en verdad lo logra de una forma espectacular. El disco posee solo cuatro temas, pero son de una complejidad notable, lleno de cambios rítmicos y climáticos muy bien logrados y entrelazados entre sí. El sonido de la guitarra moderna se ve contrastado con fuertes organos o colchones con el mellotron. El nivel de los instrumentistas es notable, y mas que nada hay que destacar la labor de Mattias Olsson en la batería. Sin dudas, esta banda sueca logra consumar uno de los mejores discos de la década en el género. Muy recomendado

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Anónimo dijo...

esta banda es muy interesante

y este disco es fundamental para entender el progresivo en los 90

Anónimo dijo...

Yao Ming answers the United States first days to pat commonweal advertisement to profess not to know when to return competition ground -- in new network
San Francisco of China News Service on May 5 report (reporter Liu Dan) Chinese basketball stars Yao Ming shows body san Francisco today, he expresses when accepting English media special report, had not seen a doctor, do not know when to can return competition ground.
Local time on May 5, yao Ming films in san Francisco wild animal comes to help constituent commonweal advertisement piece, appeal people protects a shark, boycott fim soup. When accepting special report of local English media, yao Ming says with respect to answer of his the condition of an injury, "The sense is a lot of better, meet slowly restitute. " he expresses at the same time, because just arrived at san Francisco, still see a doctor without there's still time, do not know when to can return competition ground this [url=http://www.stmarysmumbai.com/airjordanshoes.aspx]wholesale jordans shoes[/url] year.
Yao Ming still reviewed his professional career, calm bear the parental influence that the hour contacts basketball to bear professional basketball athlete greatly, but the wishs to move toward professional player way that violates parents however. Yao Ming expresses, parents hopes he plays basketball to regard as play, make friend with this, institutional group cooperates, "They hope I attend a college, apply for a job, because professional player is too bitter. Because professional player is too bitter..
Yao Ming of 31 years old says this year, he is in 17, understand oneself can make a profession when 8 years old, and can hit very well.

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Mourinho thinks Kaka will stay at Real Madrid in January
Mourinho thinks Kaka will stay at Real Madrid inJanuary
Richard Farley
Dec 22, 2012, 2:59 PM EDT
Getty Images
So what s Plan B around Home Depot Center? Because if Kaka is Plan A to replace David Beckham s retiring moving to ownership I don t know what to put here departing star power, then LA Galaxy may need some evasive action.
That s because the latest word out of Spain is that Jos Mourinho wants the 30-year-old Brazilian to stick around:
I don t think that Kaka will go anywhere, Mourinho said. He will stay. And as I ve said all along, if he stays then it is good for us because he provides us with an extra option.
Nothing earth-shattering here. Everything Mourinho says was just as applicable three years ago as it is now, even though aside from first season at the Santiago Bernabeu, Kaka has never been first choice. Now that Real Madrid has brought in Luka Modric to provide an alternative to [url=http://wholesalenikeshoes.manifo.com/]wholesale nike shoes[/url] Mesut Ozil, Kaka isn t even likely to play his preferred position, the reason why he s only made fivePrimers Divisionappearances this season.
So if these words don t tell us anything about Kaka s place in the squad, why are they noteworthy at all? In fairness, they may not be, though their timing is noteworthy. Having been openly discussed as a target by Tim Leiweke, anything that sheds some light on Kaka s availability is relevant. Mourinho s words don t tell us why he thinks a player who almost never sees the field will stay in Madrid. They just say he likely will.
So what s Plan B? Who knows. The Kaka link kind of came out of nowhere, and while we know the CEO of Anschutz Entertainment Group is committed to getting a player that appeals to the market LA s reaching with their new Time Warner broadcast deal, there aren t a lot of Kaka-esque players that are viable options.
Do they make another run at Giovani Dos Santos? Do they oil Juan Roman Riquelme s joints and lure him north? If it wasn t for Carlo Cudicini s potential signing, I d suggest making a run at the marketing machine that is Memo Ochoa.
Back to Mourinho. He will stay, is pretty strong language, but the rest of Mourinho s words aren t complete door-closers. A man like Leiweke may not see a red light.


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